Many real estate agents try to avoid prospecting and still want to be successful.  The truth is: like most other professions that thrive based on sales, prospecting is the key to continuous success and prosperity.

Many agents prospect haphazardly and expect positive results, but they forget that there is no shortcut to success.  In the world today, many systems of prospecting have been promoted as the best way to post excellent results in real estate salesmanship.

Those systems are good, but adopting any of the systems will not absolutely translate to instant results. No system of prospecting without painstaking effort, persistence, consistency and time devoted will produce positive results.

What's the best prospecting system?

The best system of prospecting is the one you are comfortable with at practice, and that fits your personality. According to Foleyhomes , the best fit system of prospecting varies with each individual.



The most productive forms of prospecting are active. Cold calling is the most common active form of prospecting. Some real estate agents approach total strangers to talk to them about property deals.
Doing this act can be uncomfortable and stressful, but if you can manage to do it every day it will become part of you after awhile.

If you have a strong dislike for calling on strangers, the best example that something can work for you is that several hundreds of people have made a life through it. There are some real estate agents that naturally thrive when they come in contact with people. They are a people gifted with excellent interpersonal skills and possess interactive abilities.

They are able to identify business prospects in odd places like a grocery store, or a bus stop or a moving bus. Though some introverts may not be easily attracted to this method of prospecting, there are some of them who are still able to do it. This is because they (successful introvert salespeople) may possess excellent learning abilities, and understand that making a conversation is essential to success in this business.

Consistency and an unrelenting speaking ability are necessary to prospect in this manner to a fruitful end.

Cold-calling is the fastest means of business growth and expansion. It is an inexpensive and simple method of prospecting. However, the high rate of rejection by prospects can cause an average salesperson to be discouraged.

So if you are the type that dislikes being rejected then real estate salesmanship is not for you. There is an established set of procedures to follow when making a cold-call. See southerncaliforniahomebuyers.com . When it is done the right way the outcome is usually encouraging .Internet marketing is another strategic system of prospecting to a wide audience with varying needs.


Most real estate salespeople know how to employ websites, blogging, social media, etc. to search for viable prospects in the lucrative property business. But they are also aware that this method of prospecting is not absolute, and it creates a false impression of coverage. Internet marketing makes use of the concepts of advertising and networking to reach out to a mix of serious and uninterested people. "Farming" is a method of prospecting that makes use of a bit part of other methods of prospecting.

By this, you can knock on other peoples' doors, sponsor neighborhood events and also do blogging. You can get coupons from neighborhood websites for garage sales, FSBOs, etc. As an agent, if you like variety then you will be favorably disposed to this method. Open house: This system of prospecting allows you to bring a number of buyers, sellers, and investors under one roof to apprise them of the latest real estate deals, sometimes 5 days a week.

It is possible to be tremendously successful conducting this type of programs for prospective buyers, sellers, and investors. Open houses can be productive, as it will generate reactions and inquiries that you can react to and tackle real-time. There is also an opportunity to take in new requests and ensure the specifics are met at future editions. To prospect via open house you need to develop a system and deliver contents in a way that stimulates peoples' interest.

It is a nice method that shy agents use to gain confidence on the stage.

If done correctly, open houses are a great way to prospect.

Some other agents feel open houses do not work for them.

Such agents would have to embrace all other forms of prospecting because without prospecting there cannot be growth and expansion.


Passive prospecting is related to but not limited to advertising, direct response marketing, online lead generation companies, posting e-cards, distributing flyers etc.

Some of these techniques produce positive outcomes and the negatives in like manner.

Before you continue to expend time, energy and effort on any system of prospecting, it is important to weigh the costs incurred against the outcome.

One prospecting system that every agent needs is to imbibe the practice of religiously following-up on prospect/client.

An accurate database of contacts is kept to reawaken ‘dead' interests and deals.

A composite record of clients and prospects in your years of practice is important to business success.

Database farming is your best chance for "easy, automatic, and virtually instant" business deals.

To reawaken the interest of any long-lost contact, recreate moribund business deals, database farming is the source of that reconnection with your circle of influence.
Ultimately, no prospecting system will be considered effective if you cannot gain appointments from the leads generated.

So call Home Buyers website for further lessons on the best system of prospecting that may work for you as an individual.

Also, read a free report on the tips and tricks of prospecting shared on southerncaliforniahomebuyers.com, showing you how to engage in persuasive, confident, high-integrity sales conversations without caving in and without changing your personality.

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